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  • The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim The Adventure Game – Official Board Game Trailer The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim The Adventure Game - Official Board Game Trailer
  • Microsoft Purchases Bethesda For $7.5 Billion Microsoft Purchases Bethesda For $7.5 BillionIs what we’ve been hearing true? Is Elder Scrolls — and Doom, and Fallout, and everything else falling under the Bethesda umbrella — now property of Microsoft? And to everyone who was complaining that XBox doesn’t have enough exclusives — are you happy now?
    Yes, it really happened — Microsoft outright bought ZeniMax Media, Bethesda’s parent company, for a figure only Microsoft could wield — $7.5 billion. The buyout covers everything Bethesda owns and is now the largest game-related purchase their new owners have ever made (though we’re sure they’ll find a way to top it before long).
    “With the addition of ...
  • Elder Scrolls Online Director Discusses Greymoor Launch Elder Scrolls Online Director Discusses Greymoor LaunchHow as the launch of was Greymoor? Did it have a lot of bugs at launch?
    The highly anticipated release of ESO Greymoor came to PC and is headed to consoles soon. Which is a good thing because the PC launch of the game had some bumps along the way. It’s normal for titles to launch with glitches and the creative team for Elder Scrolls Online was on top of addressing them.
    In fact, the director of Elder Scrolls Online had to go and make a statement on how things had to be shut down almost immediately due to EVERYONE basically having ...
  • ESO Greymoor Sees Favorable Ratings From Reviewers ESO Greymoor Sees Favorable Ratings From ReviewersWhat is the critical response to the Greymoor expansion of ESO? Are they liking it?
    For a while now, the team behind The Elder Scrolls Online have been teasing the return to Skyrim via their Greymoor content. A lot has been shown off about the expansion for ESO, and now, it’s out for PC. But the question was, would it be good?
    Well, according to Metacritic, it does appear to be that way. The average score of the reviews taken was 7.9, with fan reviews being even higher than that. Some of the names on the list who did review it are ...
  • Elder Scrolls Online Greymoor Gets Cinematic Tease Elder Scrolls Online Greymoor Gets Cinematic TeaseWhat’s the latest on The Elder Scrolls Online Greymoor? Any new looks at the game?
    Elder Scrolls Online fans are eagerly awaiting the next content for the game in the form of Greymoor. Which will once again take players to the realm of Skyrim, but one that is very different from the legendary title that came before ESO. This one is set 1000 years before the main Skyrim game, and players will have to deal with things like a Vampire Lord, supernatural armies and more.
    “Two of the key pillars around any Elder Scrolls game revolve around lore and exploration – it’s ...
  • Elder Scrolls Online Greymoor Team Talks What You Can Expect Elder Scrolls Online Greymoor Team Talks What You Can ExpectWhat will be in Elder Scrolls Online Greymoor? What kind of content can we expect?
    All new content is set to arrive in Elder Scrolls Online very soon, as the Greymoor content will arrive for PC today, while the console version will arrive on June 9th. The new content will take place in Skyrim, and focus on what the land was like before the Skyrim game you’ve all played. The team talked a little about what you can expect:
    “Without spoiling too much,” says ESO’s creative director Rich Lambert, “this year’s story and chapter centers around vampires and witches and werewolves in ...
  • Bloodborne Director Talks Lack Of Sequel On PS4 Bloodborne Director Talks Lack Of Sequel On PS4Why hasn’t there been a Bloodborne sequel? Is there a reason for not having one?
    One of the biggest mysteries in gaming is when a game releases, becomes a hit, and then for some reason doesn’t get a sequel. There are some titles that aren’t meant to be sequels, and gamers get that. But for games like Bloodborne from From Software, the lack of a sequel makes less sense.
    Hidetaka Miyazaki was the creator of the game that was a major hit back upon release in 2015 on PS4. And fans have been asking for a sequel ever since, but we haven’t ...
  • Cyberpunk 2077 Team Details Police and “Wanted” System Cyberpunk 2077 Team Details Police and How will the police behave in Cyberpunk 2077? Will it be natural when you commit a crime for them to follow you?
    Cyberpunk 2077 is easily one of the most anticipated games of 2020. And many details are still trickling out about it, including how the police will act around you in Night City where the game takes place. UI coordinator Alvin Liu recently spoke with Wccftech spoke about this:
    “The way that works is that they are basically up for hire, basically, the laws exist to take bribes from corporations,” he said. “So a corporation might pass a law that you can’t sell medicine ...
  • No Man’s Sky Player Recreates Notre Dame No Man's Sky Player Recreates Notre DameAny new cool structures in No Man’s Sky? What are players up to?
    No Man’s Sky got a big revival back in 2018 via some of their updates, but one of the best things still is players adding to the universe. And after the tragedy that was the fire at Notre Dame, a player on Reddit did their best to recreate part of the structure in the game. You can via it in the link.
  • Troy Baker Won’t Return For Borderlands 3 Troy Baker Won't Return For Borderlands 3What’s going on with Borderlands 3? And what’s this about Troy Baker?
    Borderlands 3 is finally coming out after a LONG delay and many issues behind the scenes. But apparently, those issues have continued with the VO cast, as one of the stalwarts of the series, Troy Baker, won’t return. He’s been Rhys in the series, and many fans expected him to return for the third main game. And many felt that maybe it was Gearbox who made it so that he couldn’t return. But when asked, the director of the game noted:
    You’ll have to ask Troy. I was told by ...