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Become Dogmeat And Live The Adventure!

by on March 21, 2016

Know what would be neat in Fallout 4? If you could play as Dogmeat. Too bad Bethesda never built that into the game, right? It was up to the mod community to fix the gaping hole and allow you to become canine.

“Be The Dog — Playable dogs” is the name of a new PC mod for Fallout 4, and it not only lets you play as Dogmeat, it gives you the power to take on the role of other dogs in the game as well. Being a dog could make survival a tad tougher since a quadruped can’t handle a gun. You won’t need it, though, since (like Eugene in last night’s Walking Dead) your jaws are the weapon. Dogmeat is given a number of bite-based attack options, including the jumping bite (which can only be used while standing still) and a running jumping bite, among others.

It’s not a perfect fit. While the mod is applied, you won’t be able to access the Pip Boy in first-person view and having the mod running at the start of the game (the pre-apocalyptic scenes) will outright crash it. Just be aware of those things and you should be fine.

This mod was created by…..um, “Abbalovesyou.” You can download it by heading to this page. And you can watch a video of the mod in action below:

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