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Lost Ark Gameplay & Beta MMORPG Preview | Everything We Know F2P (Amazon)

Lost Ark Gameplay & Beta MMORPG Preview | Everything We Know F2P (Amazon)
Nov 3, 2021 at 1:16 PM
Posted By HarleyQuinn

Lost Ark Gameplay & Beta Everything We Know – In this Lost Ark article we’re going to discuss the Closed Beta, gameplay, combat mechanics, features, and future plans of the new MMO Action RPG. The game is developed by Smilegate RPG and published by Amazon Games. Lost Ark’s Closed Beta will run from November 4 to 11, 2021 for PC via Steam.

https://lostark.wiki.fextralife.com/Lost Ark Wiki

https://lostark.wiki.fextralife.com/Character Creation

Name: Lost Ark
Platform: PC (Steam)
Developer: Smilegate RPG
Publisher: Amazon Games
Release Date: Early 2022
Genre: MMO Action RPG

0:00 - Lost Ark Beta & Gameplay | Everything We Know
0:17 - What is Lost Ark?
1:34 - Lost Ark Closed Beta Details
3:50 - Gameplay Mechanics
8:03 - What’s Next for Lost Ark?

Lost Ark is a free-to-play MMO Action RPG, which was previously released in Korea in 2018, followed by Japan and Russia. Amazon Games has decided to collaborate with Smilegate RPG to bring this game to life in North America and European Regions. Lost Ark is set in Arkesia, which was on the brink of destruction hundreds of years ago due to the demonic invasion led by Kazeros, the Lord of the Abyss.

World of Arkesia Lost Ark Overview Everything You Need to Know

Thanks to the Ark, the rift he created was sealed and he was incarcerated beneath a volcano. Peace then ensued for several centuries where nations were able to rebuild and create factions of their own. Because of this, they forgot about the evil lurking among them. By gaining strength and searching for the Lost Ark, you’ll be able to save Arkesia from the Demonic Legion of Kazeros as you attempt to reclaim this world once again.

Lost Ark is frequently compared to Diablo because of its fast-paced isometric ARPG combat style. This is a highly responsive game where you get to kill multiple sprawling enemies at once as you become more and more powerful based on the skills you level up and upgrade. It’s a matter of choosing the best combos for your class to improve your overall damage and mobility. Furthermore, it also has a keen focus on gear acquisition and dungeon crawling, particularly Cube Dungeons, which is similar to Diablo 3’s Greater Rifts.

Dungeon Combat Lost Ark Overview Everything You Need to Know

Lost Ark primarily features five base classes with two or more advanced classes for each, the Tripod Skill System, dungeons, Raids, PvP content, and Island management. Before we break down these mechanics, let’s talk about the upcoming Closed Beta.

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